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AZ Pet Grooming Academy’s mission is to provide students with a

safe and professional educational environment where they will

develop skills to become an effective, safe, and happy Pet Stylist.

Our students gain personal insight and develop coping strategies for this fast-paced career. AZ Pet Grooming Academy provides students with the tools necessary to become a proficient Pet Stylist, in any grooming environment, and we provide students with the skills

needed to negotiate all that comes between excellent customer

service and professional pet styling.



AZ Pet Grooming Academy is a registered and licensed Private Postsecondary Educational Program by the Arizona State Board of Education. Our program has met the State standards to award an official Professional Pet Stylist Certification at graduation. 


•To provide a learning environment where students develop a

positive attitude toward pet grooming and an enthusiasm for learning at any age and skill level.

•To provide more specialized educational options for our students through 1 on 1 direct hands-on on teaching and mentoring.

•To provide students both the acquisition of knowledge and self-sufficiency skills to become a Professional Stylist

•To create a safe, calm, and enjoyable environment that fosters

success, embraces diversity, and leads to the development of

students’ self-confidence by discovering their individual strengths.

•To serve students from any stage in life, who meet admission criteria and are ready for a new career serving pets.

•To provide services for students who need job assistance after completing our program.

•To foster an understanding of the unique and complex challenges in the Pet Grooming Industry. 



  • AZ Pet Grooming Academy is a 16-week program
  • 500 clock hours, in person learning 
  • Hands on Grooming Instruction by Experienced Educators
  • Flexible schedules available to meet your needs 
  • Graduates receive a Certificate approved by the Arizona State Board of Education



Our Academy is located in Glendale, Arizona. Our school is set up to provide you with an well rounded grooming education by learning hands-on in a real salon environment. 

Student Testimonials

maria pic.JPG
“After being freshly graduated from high school and moving out at 18, I can say I’m extremely grateful for finding the Academy. The first time I stepped foot in the salon I was really surprised at how friendly everybody was and also the energy of the environment. After I learned the Academy was about 16 weeks long, my hopes of going to college was not my aspiration because I really wanted to give it a try to groom dogs! After a few weeks into the Academy I was struggling a little to get my confidence up and also I just wasn’t sure if I was on the right path of my learning, but my Instructors were there the whole time to listen to my questions and concerns because they believed in me. Thanks to them and my stubbornness I can say that I have finally found something that really excites me! I love being a Professional Pet Stylist and I will forever be grateful with Jamie and the Team.”
– Maria
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