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Learn about Twin Tails and how Cageless Grooming is stress-free for you and your pets!


An Idea Was Born! 

After enjoying many years of mobile dog grooming we decided to open up a local grooming shop with the same concept:

pets groomed immediately upon arrival, no waiting in a cage, no drying in a cage, & one-on-one care

Cageless Grooming... What is it exactly??

Pets are groomed immediately upon arrival, when you arrive you will be greeted by our front desk coordinator and speak directly with your groomer. You will have time to give your groomer instructions on what is best for your pet and discuss your pet directly with your groomer. Most breeds are finished in 1 to 2 hours and ready to go home. 

Cageless Grooming is similar to a "Human" hair salon. We only groom ONE pet at a time per groomer, unlike other traditional salons that have many pets arrive and then place them in a cage until their groomer is ready for them. Our salons do NOT have any cages and your pets will NEVER be placed in a cage for drying or waiting. The average grooming time at other salons is 3-6 hours, because your pets are left in a cage to be dried by a force dryer attached to the cage, and each groomer is scheduled several pets at one time. We only dry pets by hand blow drying and pride ourselves on working on each pet individually, they will be in your groomers hands at all times. 

Do Pets and Their Owners Enjoy this New Way of Grooming? 

YES! And HOORAY!  Not only do owners enjoy having professional groomers and a qualified staff taking care of their pets, they love knowing that their pets are happy, safe, and enjoying their grooming experience. Pets behave differently when they are calm and comfortable - at Cageless Grooming you will see many pets being groomed at the same time without a single bark. The atmosphere we provide allows pets to feel at peace and actually enjoy their grooming time. 

Pets enjoy this innovative, non-traditional grooming experience, Instead of focusing on just "getting the dog done," we are focusing on the care of each pet and making sure your pets receive a quality groom each and every time. Pet owners are able to plan their day and their schedule knowing that their pets will be complete at a certain time and ready for pickup.

Our grooming salons are "cage-less" but not "leash free." Pets are never allowed to roam around the salon or co-mingle with other pets. Every pet is secure and in the hands of a staff member at all times. Your pet will receive one-on-one care and attention the entire time they are with us. You can be assured that your pets will receive the best care in the pet industry when you visit us at Cageless Grooming. 

Our clients and their four-legged family members also enjoy our attention to detail and determination to provide extraordinary customer service. We are one of the few pet grooming salons that have a full-time front desk coordinator to ensure your visit is easy, friendly, and professional. We are a "tail above the rest" because we pay attention to your needs, your concerns, and we care about your grooming experience! 

Contact Us

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We recommend scheduling an appointment time so that we may provide personalized care for each of our clients. We will accommodate walk-in's when possible, but it's best to call us in advance and schedule the best time for you and your family. 

 Glendale (602) 900-9998

Peoria (623) 428-8800

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