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Our Incredible Twin Tails Team!



Our Extraordinary Management and Teaching Team

"The quality of an organization come down to the quality of the relationships between its teammates. 

Good relationships give you a good company. 

Extraordinary relationships give you an extraordinary company." 

- Robin Sharma


Operations Manager

Hi, my name is Michele! I am originally from Colorado but just recently made the move from the mountains to the desert. I have worked in the service industry for many years but found my passion working with animals about 2 years ago and I'm never looking back! I love getting to be around pups and furry friends all day at work. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my dog, Porter, exploring new places and trying new things. I've been working with the Twin Tails Team for over 3 years. I'm very excited to be part of the wonderful team and truly believe we provide a unique experience for your furry family member!


Glendale Salon Manager and Professional Dog Stylist 

Hey!!! My name is Nicole and I am the Salon Manager for the Happy Valley location. I've been grooming for the past 12 years. I enjoy grooming yorkies and shih tzus but I love all fur babies! I chose to join the Twin Tails Team for the positive vibes that the whole Team radiates! When I'm not making the fur babies beautiful, I'm at home taking care of my family and my pit/bulldog mix. I can't wait to meet all of you and take care of your babies!!! 



Front Desk Assistant Manager - Glendale

Hi there! My name is Jaelynn and I've been working with animals for 5 years. It's truely my passion to work with animals. When I'm not lending a helping hand at Twin Tails, I enjoy taking care of my own fur babies at home or searching for Arizona's best hiking trails. I can't wait to meet all of you and your furry family members!!


Professional Dog Stylist and Executive Board Member

Hello I'm Lynnette! I moved here in 1987 from the North Dakota cold country where I grew up on a farm and learned to love animals at a young age. I have enjoyed being in the grooming industry for the past 18 years. I love working with animals and treat each and everyone like my own. I've been working with the Twin Tails Team for over 5 years. I look forward to meeting you and your furry friends!




Front Desk Assistant Manager - Glendale

Hi, my name is Kristin and I'm one of the Assistant Managers at the Glendale Salon. 


Salon Manager - Peoria

Hi, my name is Vanessa! I am originally from Alaska but decided to trade in the snow for the desert and drive across the country in 2020. I have always had a love for animals and enjoy working around furry friends all day! When I am not at work you can find me cooking, painting, and hiking with my dog, Kenai. I love the outdoors and being able to take Kenai on all my new adventures in Arizona. I can't wait to meet you and your pets!


Educational Director 

Malissa has been grooming for more than 20 years in the valley. Originally from the east coast, she has made Arizona her home for more than 30 years. Malissa ‘s main focus has always been on Holistic Pet Grooming. As a compassionate groomer Malissas’ goal has always been to see the grooming experience from the pets’ perspective. Malissa also is a master holistic feline groomer, cultivating a safe space for felines to experience grooming. As a Master Animal Aromatherapist, Master Animal Massage Therapist and a Masters in Holistic Animal Arts and Sciences she is committed to elevate the industry she loves. When not working on educating professional pet groomers, writing, coaching or consulting, Malissa enjoys spending time with her animals, practicing yoga, journaling, meditating, and gardening the very plants she uses in her own holistic grooming practice. Her love of the Shih tzu breed comes from a lifetime with this spunky little companion dog, and she has several that keep her on her toes. Joining the Twin Tails Team as the Educational Director was an invitation she could not resist. The opportunity to work with the TT team on growing their skills, learning new ways to groom compassionately and ultimately share in the special bond between groomers and pets is her true calling. 


Grooming Instructor

Hi my name is Jean and I started grooming over 30 years ago when I got a miniature poodle. I decided then that I wanted to go into the grooming profession. I have always loved being a groomer because of the interaction with the people and their furry friends is very rewarding. Who doesn't like smiles and a wagging tail? I grew up on a farm in Missouri and in 1995 I moved to Arizona. I have two cats, Rocky and Bob. I like working at Twin Tails because the one on one time is less stressful for your pet. I've been working at Twin Tails for over 3 years. My favorite breeds to groom are terriers and poodles.

Dr. Lisa

Grooming Instructor 

I was born and raised in the Logan, Utah area and number 8 of 9 children. From a very young age I bonded with animals especially dogs. I married my husband in New Jersey and had the fantastic opportunity to attend Nash Academy. From there I worked in a big box store as they were opening just their 10th grooming salon. Two years after becoming a groomer, I was given the opportunity to learn under a Master groomer, take the test, improve my skills and receive my certificate from IPG. In 2003, I opened my first grooming location. In 2004, I went to Superzoo for the first time and while there feel in love with creative grooming and for the next 10 years I competed in creative grooming and terrier competitions. I placed second place in international creative and fourth as my highest place in terrier. From 2003 to 2017, my grooming business grew from 1 to 4 locations and in 2012 I began a successful grooming school.

In 2016, I returned to college and from 2016 to June 2021, I earned my bachelor in criminal justice, masters in criminology and my doctorate in management. My joy and reward in life has always been teaching new pet stylists. I am excited to be teaching the theory end to dog grooming and helping new stylists develop their knowledge.

Dr. Lisa Tiggies Griffith, D.M.

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