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What is included in our pri​ces?

We offer fair prices and all inclusive packages so you don't pay more for the highest quality shampoos and extra services. We offer our clients a peaceful atmosphere, a clean, sanitary salon and a safe environment for grooming. Your pets will always enjoy a warm bath and massage, hand blow drying (never ever a cage for drying!), and one-on-one care by one of our professional pet stylists!

Bath and Brush

Each bath and brush appointment includes the highest quality shampoo at NO extra charge, brush out and complete de-shed, breath spray, ears cleaned, nails trimmed and filed, and anal glands expressed. We offer all inclusive prices with no up-charges or extra fees!

Call for pricing and details

Bath and Brush PLUS Haircut

Should your pet need a haircut, you will receive the bath and brush plus a haircut tailored to your own specifications and preferences for your pet. Our prices include everything, NO HIDDEN FEES. You may also request a bath and brush with trimming around the face, feet and/or sanitary areas. 

Call for pricing and details

Nail Trims

Nail Trims are extremely important to your pets health and we recommend having your pets nails trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks. We are happy to have you walk-in for a nail trim appointment any day of the week. We do not charge extra for nail filing, it's always included with your pets nail trim! 

Walk-In Nail Trim offered everyday for $20 per pet

(filing included at no extra charge, not every pet will allow us to file their nails) 


*Walk-Special Includes:

Nail Trim, Teethbrushing and 

Ear Cleaning for $25!

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